I had the honor & privilege to help the renowned artist & sculptor Eli Shamir in scanning his sculpture & bringing it back to reality on a smaller scale via 3d printing. The process included digital sculpting & editing as well along with slicing & parts preparation for assembly.

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I had the honor to create this opening sequence for the prestigious TEDx event in Savyon, Israel for the 2nd time. Thank you LIAT RABINOVICI for your trust & stage. So many talented people work behind the scenes for such a grand event & I had the pleasure to contribute my creativity in the form of video art. The creative process engulphed several of my skills including 3D modeling & animation, graphic design as well as video & sound editing. After several iterations – this is the final chosen version.

These are diverse commissioned 3D models made for simulations and/or for 3D printing:

I had the honor & pleasure to outfit the whole venue with my artistic take on the night’s theme “Unlimited Future”. That included not only the graphics for the info pamphlet and the wive labels, but the screens, Logo & animations as well. It was a fine venue for sure!

3D printed – hand painted sculpture.
Back in 2009 after receiving inspiration from Salvador Dali and always as a lover of the aquatic world I had this idea pop into my head. The egg as the earth incubating a baby stingray.

“Samba Cacadu” 
3D animation for the young & young at heart.
Having some Brazilian culture influence me as a child I just had to create this parrot at some point. Funny enough after modeling it, it stayed nameless, genderless, color deprived and in the figurative creative drawer for about more than a year until I felt he was ready to samba his way into Youtube:

“Flow And His Glowing Pebbles” – iPad interactive book app
An interactive book for toddlers to help them learn the numbers from 1-10 as a bed time story.

Filled with soothing music, fun animations and sounds.


A short animation – combination of 2D & 3D
A star guardian saves a dimming star from vanishing.