Our Story… Our Vision…

A long time ago in an art / animation class far away…
Our funder, Itay Cohen, created a flipbook depicting the history of the invention of the wheel.

To his surprise one of the drawings in this flipbook was selected to cover the invitation for a local art exhibition in the “MUSEO DA CASA BRASILEIRA” museum in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1988.

It was a thrill, but little did he know then that after a couple of decades he would find the calling again to be creative artistically and graduated from Bezalel – Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem, Israel. His main passion was 3D modeling and computer aided design.

After searching for a personal artistic style it hit him… He has come full circle with those intricate endless lines that adorned his early works when he was a child and now they have merged and reveled in the basis of his 3D art projects – most dominantly, his 3D printed sculptures.

A deep thought process has emerged while Itay kept creating his art. 3D graphics has revolutionized the world of visual media, we could & should strive to break the screen barrier and bring those creations to life in our physical world.

So a vision was imagined and he created 3D art with the purpose & goal to 3D print them & the thoughts kept coming …

3D printing overcomes traditional methods of creation when art is involved. There is a freedom unparalleled in the creation process & the forms & shapes one can achieve.

We envision the future possibilities of 3D art embedded in urban design.

We are driven by optimism & pure passion & the courage to innovate in this field.

3D printing bridges the gap of fantastical virtual creations & the physical world we live in.

We want to bring to our customers innovative works of art unique in style unbound by normal mass production processes. Custom works of art to match each individual taste & desire.

The possibility to integrate a special one of a kind sculpture in an interior or exterior space is our goal. Something so singular to give & ensure a personal touch.

As 3D structure printing progresses, so will the desire to personalize our dwellings. Our homes and gardens, our offices and public spaces. Each structure can be constructed with embedded art in its form. Shapes and fully pledged sculptures & works of art can be an integral part of a wall or a column, the railings of a staircase, deck or balconies. The shape of an entrance or doorway – any structure for that matter.

We are only limited by our imagination.

3D printing will continue to decentralize, democratize & customize our lives in many fields & we want to bring that truth and desire to the realm of construction, landscaping and art décor.