Sharon Wexler

After years of presenting the weather in channel 1, the Israel Broadcast Authority until it was closed on May 2015, and after moving on to the new Israel Broadcast Authority KAN11 as the senior meteorologist and presenting news shows, I decided it’s time to start giving lectures about Climate Change as well. It was a long process of learning and building a lecture that will have all the right details but at the same time would be interesting although it’s quite a depressing subject with lots of information. For the finale I needed a good presentation with a different look. Something that will attract the eye & help me transmit all that data in a colorful way. That phase was critic. My best friend recommended Itay Cohen at ICDesign. I’ve talked to many graphic designers but I liked him. Itay is modest, attentive and very talented. Our work together was a short process and the outcome was great. The presentation is attractive, colorful and different and gets lots of good reviews. Like with every other lecture I had to make small changes with time. Itay was always there to help in the impossible phase of time. I deeply recommend working with Itay.

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