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The Caliber Company is in the business of the 3D realm – printers, scanners, software & laser cutting machines.

During the last 8 years our company worked with Itay on a vast variety of projects, using different & advanced technologies in the fields of production & design.

Itay led the bond & activity on behalf of the Goodu Art Company, initiated and managed several projects which were a technological & perceptual break troughs in comparison to what’s out there in the market. He led the way for the company to venture into advanced & clever use of novel technologies all the while adapting them to the needs & character of the company.

Throughout all the relations & communications, Itay has demonstrated high levels of professionalism & a great amount of knowledge in the relevant subjects, which helped to promote the projects immensely. To take them to the edge while showing initiative and creativity that enabled him to design & produce revolutionary things.

There is no doubt that Itay’s accumulated vast knowledge & experience will enable him to thrive in the realms of design & production. Creativity & his flexibility of thought will help him open new fields & create interesting content worlds which will enrich all involved.

Apart from the professional level, I would like to point out his pleasant behavior & way of conduct. His patience that has allowed to overcome diverse challenges which came along the way during our work collaboration.

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