Caliber 3D

TZVIKA – FOUNDER & CEO up to 2013

I know Itay Cohen for more than 10 years of intensive professional cooperation around advanced technologies. I also enjoyed Itay’s creativity and appreciated his work in multi-disciplinary art.   

Itay is dedicated, fast learner, early adopter, autodidact – all at highest levels.

As a supplier of very sophisticated technologies (3D Printers, 3D Scanners, 3D Software Laser Engravers and all supporting application) – I witnessed an impressively fast and sophisticated adoption and utilization. Itay explored almost everything on his own, and achieved impressive artistic results.

Beyond the technology I was exposed to Itay’s impressive art works and attended his public exhibition. Fine art craftworks and virtual reality animations. 

But above everything else, Itay is a great person to work with. Pleasant, clever, kind, warm and fun. I am fortunate to become personal friends with Itay.

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